Gary Oil Company is a family-owned business that provides propane for many purposes. We want to give all of our customers the best possible price for their propane, and to that end every summer we offer “Price Cap Programs” that protect you from the price spikes that frequently occur throughout the season. A “capped” plan is not a “fixed” plan so that when you get a delivery you get the lowest price between the market rate and your cap.

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Vance Gary established Gary Oil Company selling fuel oil

Late 1970's
Began offering propane and bought a gasoline service station
Current owner Dan Gary began driving for the company

The company set their first propane tank

With nearly 4,000 tanks on the ground and selling over 3 million gallons of fuel annually, Gary Oil Company is established and continues to grow.

  • Michigan Propane Gas Association (MPGA)
  • Michigan Petroleum Association (MPA)
  • Michigan Association of Convenience Stores
  • Oscoda-AuSable Area Chamber of Commerce

Terms & Privacy Policy

We at Gary Oil & Propane would like to thank you for choosing to do business with us. We realize that you have many choices when considering who will fulfill your fuel needs. We would like to take this opportunity to review some of our policies regarding fuel delivery and charge accounts.

Hopefully this will explain some of our practices to you and will enable us to maintain a positive relationship with each other in these difficult economic times. If we can be of any assistance to you, or if you have any questions, please feel free to call.


TERMS: Our terms are that all fuel deliveries are due within 10 days of delivery. After that time, any unpaid balance must be sent to our credit holding company - Farm Plan. If you are unable to be approved for a Farm Plan account, or don't wish to have one, you may use a credit card or prepay for your deliveries. Additionally, all fuel deliveries are to be paid before a subsequent delivery can be made whether that balance is at Gary Oil or Farm Plan. If a customer does not have a charge account they cannot be on an automatic keep-full basis.

PRICE CAPS: We encourage all of our propane customers to take advantage of our price cap programs. We offer Pre-Buy and Pay-As-You-Go plans in June of every year. The Pre-Buy plan is one in which you purchase as much fuel as you think you will need for the upcoming heating season and pay for it by August 1st. This is the most economical way to purchase your fuel and there are no service charges associated with this plan. The Pay-As-You-Go plan costs $50 for your price to be capped and when your fuel is delivered it will be priced at the going rate with a discount offered that is large enough to bring your price down to your cap. You must pay within 10 days of delivery to be able to take advantage of the discount.
Our budget plan starts in July and offers a chance for customers to spread their fuel costs over an entire year. Budget payments must be made timely in order for deliveries to be made. Because heating requirements vary from year to year we review the budgets mid-year to ensure that the accounts seem to be on-track, and the month of June is the settlement month to clear the account in preparation for the next heating season.

TANK RENT: As stated in our lease agreement, customers are charged for tank rent if their annual usage is below the minimum requirement depending on their tank size; 500 gallons for a 500-gallon tank, 330 gallons for a 330-gallon tank, 250 gallons for a 250-gallon tank and 200 gallons for a 120-125 gallon jug. This covers a calendar year, January thru December, and is billed every February for the prior year. Our tank rent prices increased for the first time in several years in 2007 due to the high price of steel. Other rent price changes may occur over the course of years to reflect the current value of replacement equipment. Customers always have the option of purchasing their tank to avoid rent charges and save on their propane costs. Customers who own their tanks can purchase their propane for $.15 per gallon less than customers who have company-owned tanks.

PROPANE OUTAGES: Because of liability issues, any will-call customer who runs out of propane more than once will receive a letter notifying them of our intention to remove our equipment. In the event of an outage, or interruption of service, a leak test on the system must be performed. Under no circumstance is it appropriate to hook up propane cylinders or otherwise tamper with our equipment.


Gary Oil considers the personally identifiable information contained in our business records to be confidential. We will only disclose personally identifiable information to unaffiliated third parties under an obligation of confidentiality and for limited purposes consistent with this Privacy Policy, and as authorized by applicable law. Unaffiliated third parties are prohibited from further disclosure of your personally identifiable information, whether for that third party's own marketing purposes or otherwise.

We may disclose personally identifiable information about you to others (such as our employees, credit holding company, and agents as well as outside auditors, professional advisors, service providers, potential business transition partners, and regulators), either with your written consent or without your written consent as authorized by law, if necessary to render our service or to conduct a legitimate business activity related to a service provided by us to you. For example, we may disclose to an affiliated or nonaffiliated company your name, address, or other subscriber information that we have collected in order to:

  • Assist us in providing administrative and other services;
  • Prepare, print and/or deliver monthly invoices for our services or other marketing or informational materials to our Customers;
  • Prepare and conduct subscriber surveys to assess and enhance the services that we provide to You;
  • Collect outstanding fees and charges; and
  • Market our products and services.

Gary Oil takes the security of our Customers' personally identifiable information seriously. Gary Oil takes such actions as are reasonably necessary to prevent unauthorized access by entities other than Gary Oil to personally identifiable information. Gary Oil uses security and/or encryption technology to secure certain sensitive personally identifiable information collected. Gary Oil also restricts access to its customer database and secures the content by use of firewalls and other security methods including physical safeguards. Gary Oil limits access to databases containing our Customers' personally identifiable information to authorized employees and agents of Gary Oil and other parties identified in the disclosure section above. However, we cannot guarantee that these practices will prevent every unauthorized attempt to access, use, or disclose personally identifiable information.